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The legendary four (Agneta, Bjorn, Benny and Annie-Frid) from Sweden on the online radio.

ABBA is the luxurious blonde Agneta Feltskog, the passionate Bjorn Ulveus, the handsome Benny Andersson and, of course, the charming brunette Annie-Frid (Frida) Lingstad. Recall that ABBA - Agnetha + Bjorn + Benny + Anni-Frid (Frida). ABBA - the standard of Swedish quality! The most famous Swedish quartet, conquered the world. Despite the fact that the band broke up, their songs are still listening and dreaming about their reunion, because they are celestials who have given the world such hits as "Dancing Queen", "The Winner Takes It All", "Happy New Year", "Waterloo, "Take A Chance On Me" and other songs. Now on online radio.

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